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HotelTraining.com provides affordable training that is available to you and your staff week after week, month after month. Traditional face-to-face training programs can be effective but they can also be very expensive and time consuming. Consequently, training seminars are often held all too infrequently because of these cost and time constraints.

Studies have shown that people retain only 10% of the information learned through traditional classroom trainer instruction. The addition of a video component increases the retention level to 35%. However, when interactive methods, are incorporated into a training environment the retention rate improves to an incredible 65%! Consider the possibilities when you have increased retentive learning combined with the advantage of effective training that is available whenever you need it.

Lower Cost – The monthly cost for your staff is usually less than the cost of sending a single employee to a one day seminar.

Constant Availability – You don’t need to wait for the next training session to come to you, you can go to it…anytime. New employees can be added immediately. Turnover and training are no longer at odds with one another.

Consistent Delivery – Professional training delivered in a professional format. It is the same each and every time the participants go through it.

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