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Sales Training for Agents in Reservations

The STAR Workshop (Sales Training for Agents in Reservations) is an all inclusive reservation sales agent training program. Participants are exposed to every necessary principle, from greeting the caller to closing the sale. The concept of sales training for reservation agents is not new, but this method of delivery is more up-to-date and effective than anything else available to the hotel industry today. What the workshop covers is the "Selling Process", step-by-step, in full detail.

The Greeting:
  Welcoming the caller because "first impressions are lasting".
  Building trust and establishing a rapport.
Determining Needs:
  Actively listening to what is being said and how it is being said.
  Using your product knowledge to help the caller with their decision making.
Making An Offer:
  Selling benefits – features are fine but benefits are better!
Asking for the Reservation:
  Pure and simple – Ask and Ye Shall Receive!
The "No Thanks" Recovery:
  Not taking "No" for an answer.
Rate Quoting:
  How it effects Revenue Maximization.
  Why offering choices is important to both the caller and the agent.
  There is a time and place for it, but use it sparingly.
  Just because the caller said "yes" doesn’t mean the sale is completed.
In addition, there are segments on:
Calls to your Competitors:
  The secret to surviving in a competitive environment is knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
Creating Suggestive Selling Statements:
  Telling a caller about your features isn’t as effective as suggesting how they will benefit from them.

We have included a demo of the "Determining Needs" stage of the workshop for your review. Please feel free to review this demonstration version and see for yourself why other hotel professionals are so excited about the results from using workshops. You can see what the results of your training investment will bring by selecting the ROI Caculator.

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