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During his years as a Hospitality Sales Professional Tom McCarthy noticed that the most successful sales people followed a sales process that was similar in many ways. As a hospitality sales training developer, he formalized these similarities into a seven-step method that has proven effective in all types of sales situations.

Originally he applied the "Seven Steps of the Sales Call" to face-to-face sales calls in which the sales person meets with the prospect in person. But many sales calls are incoming, via the telephone, and even though the calls do not take as much time, the "Seven Steps of the Sales Call" still apply.

Individual employee access, for a period of 30 days, is available for $399. However, an all inclusive annual subscription option is available which covers employees, including new employees resulting from turnover, for $850 per year.

  Learn how to begin the call in a friendly manner and to build rapport and trust with your customers.
Warm Up:
  Learn how to warm your customers up with a brief ice-breaker as well as how to continue to build rapport and trust.
Opening Statement:
  Learn how to construct Opening Statements that grab your customers' attention and interest by appealing to a key need.
  Learn how to uncover customer needs and find out which ones are most important.
  Learn the best methods for demonstrating how your hotel can meet your customers' needs.
  Learn how to gain commitment from the customer on the next step, such as a follow-up meeting, or a commitment to the business discussed.
Ending the Call:
  Learn the simple, four-step method for terminating the call.

At the end of each module there is a quiz that will test you on your understanding of the material.

In addition, the Sales Game at the end of the workshop will take you step-by-step through an entire sales call. The Sales Game requires you to select how you should respond to a customer based on the information already gathered from the call.

New recruit or seasoned veteran, there is something for you in 'Handling the Telephone Inquiry' and it's available whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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