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The Internet is a vital part of the hospitality industry. Its incorporation into hotel processes such as reservations, extranets like Travelocity and web sites has been swift and effective. Carol Verret noticed that while most of the revenue generating processes of the other revenue centers of the hotel have incorporated e-tools, the sales process has lagged behind.

The Internet offers so many valuable tools for you to use in prospecting for new business. Special sites are also available that make the process of prospecting so much faster and more efficient. Carol’s seminars and consultations stress this and so here are online modules that will guide you through a new methodology, incorporating e-tools, to make yours sales efforts more effective.

Individual employee access, good for a period of 30 days, is available for $109.

The three modules in this first course, of a three part series, deal with Prospecting.

1. Developing Client Profiles:
  This module will demonstrate how to be more efficient in locating viable new business by market segment, using tools you may not have thought of before.
2. What’s Up In the Backyard:
  Here we demonstrate how to effectively penetrate your own "backyard" without walking from door to door or using general directories. Zero in on those prospects in your backyard with the true potential to give you business.
3. Prospecting by Market Segment:
  In this module we give you internet tools you can use to locate and qualify new business by market segment. There are sites to visit that can provide leads for you and your hotel in every segment from Corporate to Government, including all of the sub segments within the SMERF market.

Carol invites you to participate in the first of this series of online sales training modules. These modules are designed to give you real tools that you can use. They will emphasize the new reality of hotel sales, the e-world that we live in, and how you can incorporate online tools to increase your chances of success in hotel sales.

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