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Let us work with your company to create web based assessment tools you can use for a number of applications. Whether your needs are for a single property, management company, or national brand there are numerous opportunities where an assessment tool can help you insure your employees understand what they need to know to perform their jobs to the highest possible standards.

Create online reviews to ensure your employees understand their responsibilities regarding policies, procedures, correct work habits, etc.:

Employee Handbook - Have all new employees read and understood the material before they are scheduled to work?
OSHA Training - Do they know the potentially dangerous results from mishandling cleaning agents, incorrectly lifting heavy objects, or being exposed to human blood?
Human Resource Issues - Are your managers aware of the company's policies regarding sexual harassment, interviewing, hiring, warnings, etc.?
Management Training - Would a central source for assessment of all management trainees be beneficial in evaluating potential new managers?

These are just a few examples of assessment tools the purpose of using them is the same in all cases ... to insure that all employees, hourly and management alike, are accountable for the knowledge they have learned.

If you'd like to learn more about assessment tools, the tracking of results, and how these results are made available to you through administrative access please contact us at

To view our White Paper on the role of assessment in the training process click here.

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